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- Ruko Techniques -

Like most martial arts, each belt level has its own set of techniques. In order to grade to the next belt, each student must be able to execute each technique of their syllabus on resisting opponents / during sparring. Below are examples of techniques each student will learn, the techniques are named as hash tags.

Rear Bodylock to Leg Throws

Relic uses a #trappinghand #rearbodylock to setup a #doublelegthrow. Kealeboga returns the favour with his own #rearbodylock and uses it to setup a #rearsinglelegtakedown.

Front Headlock to Front Choke

Kyle uses a #frontheadlock to secure a #frontchoke.

Shuffle Kick Strategy

Lunge Kick Drill

- Sparring Videos -

Light Standup MMA

Ruko Grappling 1

Ruko Grappling 2