Class Schedule

Classes are every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 18:30 - 19:30/45.
All classes consist of drilling the various striking and grappling techniques, to ingrain them into your muscle memory; padwork, to test your speed, power, footwork and strategic striking; and/or sparring for resistance/fight training.

Tuesday & Wednesday: These are technical classes, class is split according to belt ranks. Beginners will train with beginners and the advanced students will train with advanced students. The same techniques will be taught and drilled on both days, to improve muscle memory and deeper understanding of the techniques. This will also help students that can only make one of the technical classes. Class will end off with standup grappling sparring, striking sparring or a reactive padwork session.
Friday: The first half of class is focused on drilling the striking, evasion, blocking, choking and throwing techniques taught on the Tuesday and Wednesday. The second half of class is focused on full sparring similar to standup version of MMA or sparring padwork, putting all the techniques learnt into action.

Ruko has a 1 week free pass, this allows potential students to test Ruko before signing up. Students must schedule an appointment before coming to visit us.

Class Fees

There are no contracts, students choose at the beginning of each month whether they would like the permanent or part time student option.

1) Monthly Fee: R400 per month for unlimited classes
2) Drop in Fee: R70 per class (students may attend any class)

Standup Grappling


Class Layout

Regardless of the belt rank, all classes follow the same structure. The difference being that white belt students will focus on the basic techniques and stances, where as senior ranked students will focus on strategy and chain-linking various techniques. All classes follow the below layout:

1. Warm up: Strike for strike or basic grappling focused on control and movement
2. Stretching: Similar to Yoga
4. Technical & Strategy Training: Learning basic or advance techniques and strategies
5. Drills: Drilling the above techniques
6. Resistance & Reaction Training: Reactive padwork, striking or grappling sparring, or positional sparring
7. Fitness & Tabata: Strength and Conditioning
8. Evasion Tactics & Footwork: Striking vs Counter Striking Drill


Technique: Round Kick