What is Ruko?

Ruko is a standup martial art, which specialises in striking and grappling techniques.

The grappling techniques focus on throws, take downs and choke hold submissions. The striking techniques consist of forearm blocks, hand strikes and various kicking techniques. These striking techniques are based on speed, and adopts the sniper principle - "one shot, one kill". The objective is to focus on footwork and strategy rather than hundreds of combinations to land an effective strike.

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The benefit of combining these techniques, allow Rukoist [Ruko students] to test techniques without the fear of serious injury. In sparring, the aim is to manipulate a resisting opponent into a position of weakness. To a position where a Rukoist can use a kick, throw or choke hold to end the fight. This is the best way for students to understand their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Ruko is an excellent martial art for individuals wanting to improve their agility, fitness, balance, confidence, strength, speed, reaction timing and endurance.

Ruko is a martial art based on strategy, our strategy is simple:
"If the opponent is far, destroy them with strikes. If the opponent is near, throw or choke them."

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The Instagram account consist, not only of in-class training videos, but also videos of Ruko techniques being used in street fights and combat sports.

The Ruko training videos are used as a way for students to monitor their progress, and a way for students to study how the instructors and senior students execute each technique. The other videos are used to teach students where each technique originates from and how they are done at the highest level of competition fighting. Example: Taekwondo Olympics, Wrestling World Champs, Judo Grand Prix, UFC Mixed Martial Arts, and even street fights.